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Print to File Software

Imagine having information like this right in your Filofax.
  • Spreadsheets and documents.
  • Flight and hotel confirmations.
  • Important emails.
  • Sports schedules.
  • News and information from your favorite web sites.
  • Maps and directions.

And those are just some of the examples of what you can do with Filofax Print-to-File software.

How does the Filofax Print-to File (PTF) software work? PTF works much like a print driver. PTF intercepts pages going to laser or inkjet printers and automatically rotates, reduces and realigns each page into the correct order to create documents that fit Filofax organizers. PTF can print double-sided pages even if your printer does not offer a duplexing option. PTF does this by printing an instruction sheet showing exactly how to reinsert the paper for double-sided printing.

PTF does not change any of the formatting from the application program. Each page is preserved exactly as the application sent it, including margins, page numbering, headers/footers, and all paragraph formatting.

PTF takes what you print from your application exactly what would print if you were not using PTF and shrinks and rearranges the pages to fit the layout you choose. The software allows you to produce your own mobile media, by enabling you to converge your most coveted sources of information. Once you set up PTF properly, printing future documents takes just a few clicks..

Filofax Print-to-File Software is not Macintosh compatible and is currently only compatable with PC/Windows operating systems. Compatible with all versions of Windows except Windows 7-64 bit

The Filofax Print-to-File Software is not for retail sale and is only available for download purchase via this website.

PTF is easy to install and does not require any modifications to your hardware.

Please be aware that your local security settings can affect delivery. If your software does not arrive immediately after purchase, log in to the My Account section and click the Download link.

Filofax Print to File Software (Full Version)

Software will be emailed to you once transaction is complete. If it does not arrive immediately, log in to the My Account section and click the Download link.

Personal Computer Paper Price: $10.50
Code: 930200

40 sheets of 8 1/2
A5 Computer Paper Price: $12.60
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For your A5 sized Filofax. Each package has 50 sheets of 8 1/2
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