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Addressbook Software

Address Book Software FAQs
Q. Is the Address Book Software available on a CD?
A. Unfortunately, this item is only available via an Internet download.
Q. Does this program come with any instruction book?
A. The complete manual is included within the program. At the top of the program choose Help > Contents and you will have the full manual.
Q. How do I import my contacts from Outlook?
A. From Outlook: File > Import and Export > Export to a File > Choose 'Comma Separated Values (Windows)' > Select 'Contacts' as the folder to export from and then save file on your PC.

Then in the Address Software: File > Import > Text File (Comma Separated Values) > Browse to find your file and follow the on screen instructions.

Should you get the response "Import not available in Outlook/LDAP mode", this indicates that you are in the wrong mode. On the left hand pane, ensure that Address Books is selected (not Outlook or Directory Servers). If you cannot see these options, go to View and click Show Address Folder.

Q. How do I get my addresses to print so that it is grouped by letters A, B, C, etc.?
A. In the Print Preview area, click the "Options" button at the top of the screen. Then on the Settings tab, look for the area marked "Page Labeling" and click the option "Label Pages".
Q. Will a Macintosh version be available?
A. There are no plans at this time to produce a Mac compatible version.
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