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Flex By Filofax

What Is Flex?

Filofax, best known for the iconic Filofax personal organizer, is proud to launch a revolutionary new concept – Flex by Filofax – a flexible, modular personal stationery system.

A textured Cover is at the heart of Flex by Filofax, featuring a unique structure and arrangement of pockets into which you can securely slot your choice of stationery accessories including Notebooks, Diaries, Contacts and Jot Pads.

The Flex by Filofax system is available in three sizes - Pocket, Slim and A5, in a choice of three colors - Black, Slate and Magenta. A starter pack contains a Flex by Filofax cover, Ruled Notebook, Jot Pad and Pen Holder (Price from $24.00-$39.00).

There are more than a million ways to make your Flex your own – just choose a Cover and then whatever stationery inserts you need and put them in the position that best suits your lifestyle - bringing your notes, thoughts, ideas and lists of things to do together in one convenient place.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.....

Flex By Filofax - Buyer's Guide

Flex By Filofax - FAQs

Flex is made by Filofax – so is it a personal organizer?
No. Although Flex has been created by Filofax its design is totally unrelated to ring-bound organizers. Flex provides a radically different solution to managing the pieces of paper that so many of us use to help us plan, keep track of meetings, make lists and even sketch on. Flex also provides a safe place to keep everything from receipts to your train tickets or Oyster Card. The Pocket and A5 sizes are significantly slimmer than ring-bound organisers and you can easily slip the Slim size Flex into a pocket never mind a handbag.

Is Flex aimed at men or women?
Both. Flex has been designed for men every bit as much as women. The Black and Slate covers, as well as the sophisticated cream and warm-grey stationery have all been chosen because of their universal popularity. Only the Magenta cover is likely to be more popular among women than men.

If Flex is so versatile will it suit people who are left-handed?
Yes. Flex can be configured any way you like so it is perfectly suited to left-handed as well as right-handed people.

Do you have to buy a whole lot of stationery you don’t want?
No. Each Flex comes with just a Ruled Notebook, a Jot Pad and a Pen Holder. Everything else – and how you arrange it – is up to you.

What makes the Flex any different from a folder with a notebook inside it?
Almost everything. From the stationery’s lie-flat pages to the ingenious patent pending pockets, Flex has been meticulously designed to work together as a whole. That’s why it is so versatile – offering more than a million different ways you can position your particular choice of stationery in the cover. Flex offers an entire stationery system that you can ‘build’ to suit your particular requirements precisely – and so make it that little bit easier to keep on top of your life.

Are new stationery inserts expensive?
No. All the stationery inserts have been printed and bound to an extremely high specification, yet they offer amazingly good value. A 2012 Year Planner, for example, costs just $4.50 (pocket size).

Flex By Filofax Sizes

Flex By Filofax personal organizers are available in a range of sizes. Roll your mouse over the image below and find which is the best for you.
Flex By Filofax Sizes A5SLIMpocket
Flex Size
8 1/2" X 5 3/4" (Cover)
6" X 3 1/2" (Cover)
4 3/4" x 3 1/4" (Cover)
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